Interview with Albert Ravona (1936-2021)

founder of A. Ravona company

Mr. Ravona, how did it all start?

In 1965 I started my own business servicing sterilizers (Autoclaves) that were imported to Israel from Great Britain, U.S.A, and Germany.

The service I  provided was recognized by small as well as large hospitals, research facilities, and supporting industries in Israel.

Encouraged by the success, I was inspired to use my knowledge and experience to plan and execute the very first Ravona sterilizer.


Following the success of the first sterilizer that was installed in a reputable medical facility, more orders started to arrive.

With the help of my two sons, Ofer and Eyal the company become an effective player in the sterilization market in Israel and started to win tenders worldwide.

Many sterilizers later, the company's sterilizer’s activity was acquired by another major player in the sterilization manufacturing business.

How the transition to Isolators/glove boxes happened?

The glove box /isolation activity started shortly after.

Using the engineering experience and creativity of the company leadership and unique versatile employees allowed the company to enter the lucrative and desirable pharmaceutical industry.

Today, Ravona’s outstanding engineering capability is an important factor in our ability to provide innovative and cost-effective solutions to the pharmaceutical industry. 

Our team has decades of proven experience that translate to a world-leading class product and appropriate solutions to our customers worldwide.

We pride ourselves in having hundreds of isolators/glove boxes working worldwide and looking forward to continued improvements and unparalleled customer satisfaction.

Ravona company is well known for “Creative Custom Innovation”  in the field of containment and isolation applications, Please share with us your experiences.

Since there are no real products in the field and in the pharmaceutical industry that will answer to all activities, sizes, and shapes demands, innovation comes in to place in order to create a perfect custom solution to a customer's needs and procedures applications. All that must be accompanied by all the industries requirements and documentation.

Located in a country that holds the 8th ranking in demands for glove box/ isolator, Ravona became familiar with the needs, requirements, and qualifications of the diverse and demanding industry such as the pharmaceutical industry.

How do you ensure the quality of your products is maintained consistently and meeting the stringent regulatory requirements?

ISO 9001  Quality Management System that we have integrated into our business is focused on ensuring that our business delivers a consistent level of quality to our customers by having well-defined and regularly reviewed processes and procedures.ISO 9001 has become part of our culture within Ravona company 

The production of an Isolator/glove box incorporates a vest of technological advancements that need to be running in a complete synergy within the system, At Ravona we make sure only approved and acceptable components make our system. We take no shortcuts in producing the ultimate solution for our customers, starting with metal works, pneumatics, electrical, on to electronics PLC and HMI systems.

Ravona’s Isolators have been supplied to various industries globally.  Could you elaborate on the various types of industries and applications?

Isolators/glove boxes are widely used in other industries aside  from the pharmaceutical industry:

Ravona did successfully engaged in another isolator/glove boxes project, among them are :


* Medical device low temperature (-20C) handling isolator.

* Animal research Isolators.

*Sterile/Aseptic biological isolator.

* Academic chemistry and Nano-technology glove boxes.

* Glovebox in the nuclear industry.

* Chemical Engineering.

* Biological research.

* Electronics.

* Biological safety cabinets

* Electronics.

There are many more successfully accomplished projects that were challenging, yet put the company in competition with the very best of the world manufacturers.

Process Isolators are a critical part of cGMP Pharma manufacturing facilities.  How does Ravona address these challenging needs?

Ravona is setting up an organizational production that fulfills both Quality assurance and Quality Control responsibilities.

Being certified ISO 9001:2015 standard company means our guarantee that all our processes, documentation, and improvements of our services meet the given requirements.

By this, our customers can expect a constant and high level of reliability and transparency from our work.

Because barrier isolation technology eliminates human and environmental contact with the product, the risk of contamination is greatly reduced. The success with isolation technology systems can be demonstrated by the fact that many sterility testing systems have been in use for a long period of time without a single false-positive test.

The successful performance history of the isolators enables ease in the validation process while being widely accepted by the FDA and CGMP.

Can you share the current challenges faced by the pharmaceutical industry in choosing the right containment solutions and how Ravona is addressing them?

Containment resolving power is our business. We focus 100% of our time, energy, and resources on developing the best containment systems, isolation technologies, and production processes for projects of any size and complexity.

Ravona has entered the sterile/Aseptic isolator field a few years back and completed successful projects for sterility testing, integrated filling machines, and more, this field is growing rapidly in recent times and Ravona is addressing all challenges in sterile aseptic isolators.

Our team has over 40 years of experience working with a wide variety of technologies and production uniqueness.

This expertise and capacity, combined with our dedication and commitment to excellence, enables us to develop tailor-made and cost-effective management processes for your project., we can provide support anywhere and anytime.

interview took place in 2016

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