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Today’s Pharmaceutical industry demands various processes be conducted in a contained environment. Ravona focuses on working with our customers on creating innovative solutions to adhere to our customer's process needs.

Our process isolators combine and integrate a wide variety of instrumentation and apparatus within the isolator working chamber. Our process isolators integrate solutions provided by our industry partners.

We offer Isolators for a wide range of process isolators for R&D, QA, and Production:

Preparation: Sampling, dispensing, sub-division, weighting.

Manipulation: Mixing, Milling, Grinding, Micronizing, Sieving,


Final Process: Vacuum dryer ovens, Filter dryer over, Tablet 

press enclosures, Pack off systems

Our process isolators are designed with the full cooperation of our client to meet his exact needs. With a new isolator, we recommend using a full-size mockup to test the ergonomically fitting aspects of the chamber.

Our process isolators are great cost savers to our clients as surrounding areas can be operated at a much lower classification and cost.


Available Options:

· Full-size wooden mockup for ergonomically design

· Epoxy coating (corrosive surroundings)

· Oxygen-free environment

Unlike traditional hazardous substances, active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) are designed to have an effect on the human body. Exposure to such API substances may result in short and long terms of health hazards to working personnel.

Ravona isolators combine and integrate an array of instrumentation and apparatus within the isolator's working chamber, with the full cooperation of other suppliers of equipment.      

Ravona and Isolators Technologies 

The isolation concept, which is well known throughout the pharmaceutical industry, is protecting the process from the Operator and/or the Operator from the process while protecting the environment.


Although the development and improvement of isolators are consistent, it should be noted that the most significant changes have been in the form of its increased acceptance, backed by the strictest guidelines and standards implemented by regulatory bodies.


The key to containment is the minimization of exposure.

By controlling exposure below the hazard level set for the compound, the Operator, and the environment are both properly protected.

In controlling exposure by containing it in a boundary, the product is protected and therefore a key regulatory issue is addressed.   


Tell us your needs, we will make it possible.


Ravona-Pharma’s approach is based on providing a tailor-made solution that is exactly right for each specific application.

The equipment and solutions we offer provide optimum operator and product protection while taking into consideration cost-effectiveness and ease of use.


With a combined over 50 years of successful growth and experience, we pride ourselves in delivering a high-quality standard of service and look forward to continuing the course of delivering on smooth and satisfactory project completion for all our clients.


We provide our clients with comprehensive documentation, always complying with cGMP and all relevant glove box /isolator constructing and testing  ISO standards.


Accessories and Options

Our systems, whether potent or aseptic in nature can be further enhanced with a number of accessories. 

Ravona positive pressure compounding Aseptic Isolator is designed to provide a sterile positive pressure work environment for the compounding weighting and packing of non-hazardous drugs. HEPA filtered flow supply at 20 air changes per minute within both the work zone ISO Class 5 conditions. Laminar airflow assures a continuous stream of HEPA filtered air across the work zone and interchange areas assuring sterility and minimizing cross-contamination.

In this project, the customer-defined inert gas environment and a sterile environment (sterility is achieved using VHP sterilization cycle).