Since 1965 the Ravona company has specialized in the production of quality stainless steel apparatus for processing and manufacturing industries worldwide. With customers in service industries as diverse as medical, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, chemistry, and bio-engineering, Ravona prides itself and its constantly growing success on both professionalism and commitment to the client. The key to Ravona's success is based on the customer's needs.

The service provided by Ravona is backed by the proven technical expertise of our staff as well as access to the latest state-of-the-art technology.


Ravona Ltd. is an ISO9000 2015 certified firm

Locally Produced, Globally supplied

We are a global company but keep the best that a family-owned business can have.

We have the power of moving quickly and easily developing new products, flexible production, and proximity to our staff and customers.

We are open to accepting new challenges, using the latest technology we invest in the latest technical manipulations, allowing a continuous increase in productivity, quality, and efficiency of our products.

furthermore, as a family business, we can make fast decisions that are promptly executed thanks to our streamlined organizational and technical structures.

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Ravona-Pharma is a trade name of A. Ravona medical equipment Ltd.

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