Ravona Third-party equipment integration

At Ravona company we have the knowledge and the ability to integrate all types of instrumentation, apparatus, and equipment to work within our isolators.

We work with numerous manufacturers that specialize in the fabrication of various equipment specialties  such as Blenders, Micronizers, Filtration equipment, reactors, Milling machines, sieving Machines, Mixers, Filing  machines, weighting systems, VHP generators, and more


Ravona plays an active role in setting Industrial Design and engineering that are world-class innovative product development and technology. We offer comprehensive knowledge and help in characterization the properties of the needed equipment features and services to support the containment assurance.


As experts in Controlled environment and containment solutions products and processes, we understand our customer's needs to comply with the strictest international standards and directives even after integration with another type of equipment.


Quality assurance (QA) is a way of preventing mistakes or defects in manufactured products and avoiding problems when delivering solutions or services to customers.

ISO 9000 defines as "part of quality management focused on providing confidence that quality requirements will be fulfilled".





Fitting a whole Rotary Evaporator - 20L Into an isolator 

A special request from a customer to fit a whole Rotary Evaporator - 20L into an isolator and to be able to work with is , loading/unloading 



Internal isolator wall mount of milling machines

Along with a proper discharge out to an external vessel or a special bag using Ezi-Dock™ Systems through the isolator floor.



Internal isolator wall mount of Mixers, 

Along with weighing, crimping, and milling apparatus inside an aseptic environment isolator. 



Internal isolator wall mount of computerized milling machines

Along with a proper discharge out to an external vessel or a special bag using Ezi-Dock™ Systems through the isolator floor.



Loading/unloading contained chambers around a sieving machine. 

Used with Band 5-6  substances Funnel flor top-loading chamber, the main middle chamber where the sieving machine is contained, and a bottom downflow booth unloading chamber.


Micronizer enclosed in a containment enclosure designed especially for this type of mounted micronizer allowing assembly and disassembly of the system components without breaking the containment.



BDTD Isolator, using designated apparatus and instrumentation for tap density tests and bulk density, special liquid bath interconnect to the isolator bottom floor for easy preventing of flying powder by immersing the handheld instruments in the liquid bath. 

BDTD Isolator